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Implementing the National Improvement Framework

​This programme delivers Education Scotland’s contribution to the development and implementation of the National Improvement Framework (NIF), a key policy initiative designed to accelerate progress in improving outcomes for young people in four key priority areas. The actions set out in the National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education (January 2016) have all been developed to support high-quality learning,teaching and assessment, the core principle of Curriculum for Excellence. Over time, the Framework will provide a level of robust, consistent and transparent data across Scotland that we have never had before, to extend our understanding of what works and to drive improvements across all parts of the system.

The NIF is being delivered through a joint programme between Education Scotland and the Learning Directorate in Scottish Government. The NIF focuses on six key drivers for improvement, each of which has an associated workstream requiring collaborative working across Education Scotland and Learning Directorate and, in some cases, other national partners, such as the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) and the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) .

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