Down on the farm

Nursery children from Rothes Primary got their hands dirty learning outdoors. They worked as a group to grow tatties and learn how wiggly worms help the environment.

When the vegetables were ready they used their number skills to work out how many to keep and how many to sell, making sure that they kept enough to make delicious soup for snack time. The kids worked out how much to sell the rest for and took care to check their change. Young entrepreneurs in the making!

Sometimes they met up with big children from primary school and went for a walk together. The local ranger told them all about minibeasts and their fantastic world. Everyone had a go at behaving like a big beastie before making their own out of leftover bits and pieces of card and junk. A day of singing and dancing and playing and making didn't feel like hard work but they were learning all the time.


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How does this relate to Curriculum for Excellence?

  • Tatties and minibeasts was a joint sciences project that involved the nursery and P1 classes at Rothes Primary School in Moray.
  • The collaboration was designed to help nursery children with the move to primary.
  • The project encouraged working and planning together. It was designed to help with active learning and motivation and worked across different curriculum areas, and led to a better understanding of the purpose of play.
  • It covered the ethos and life of the school, outdoor learning, sciences, numeracy, technologies, expressive arts, working together to prepare and progress from nursery to Primary 1.