Birds on Loch Leven (Primary)

​In Kinross, P7 pupils visited Vane Farm Nature Reserve with children from their local secondary. They learnt about birds, made some drawings and sketches then turned these into cards, which were sold to raise money for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). The pupils put their maths skills to use calculating migration distances and then wrote a poem about their experiences with the help of a local poet. Back in the classroom, the children used the internet to find out even more.



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How does this relate to Curriculum for Excellence?

  • Birds on Loch Leven was a literacy across learning project that involved Kinross High School, Fossoway Primary and Blairingone Primary in Kinross.
  • The primary and secondary schools worked together to make the move from P7 to S1 easier.
  • Literacy, sciences and technologies were all covered.
  • The project included outdoor learning experiences, research, design, writing and the use of ICT.