Parents' meetings

​Events such as open days and parents' afternoons or evenings give you opportunities to meet your child's teacher(s), to find out what your child is doing at school and how they are getting on. 

These are also opportunities to share information about your child and their learning.

The school will value your views on how you feel your child is coping at school. Sharing information about any particular worries or difficulties you have noticed, or your child has discussed with you, will help the teacher(s) to support learning.

It is important to recognise and support children​ and young people's achievements. Sharing information about what your child is doing out of school (for example interests, hobbies, volunteering, or other activities your child is involved in) can help teacher(s) build on learning at school.

Visit the Assessment and achievement section of this website for more information on:

  • What is assessed, when and how
  • What we mean by achievement.

You may receive a report before the parents' afternoon/evening. Spend time looking over and discussing this with your child. Prepare any questions you or your child would like to ask or any concerns you may have.

What can I ask my child's teacher?

Some questions you may want to ask:

  • How do you know how well my child is doing?

  • What evidence is gathered to see what my child knows, understands and can do? Is there any way we can help to gather evidence of our child’s learning to support the school?

  • What are my child’s strengths and how can they improve?

  • Can you explain what my child will be doing next?

  • How will the school continue to keep in touch to let me know how my child is doing?

  • How can I continue to give my views about my child’s learning to support their progress e.g. class blogs, e-portfolios, learning logs?

  • How can I let the school know about my child’s learning and achievements outside school e.g. interests, hobbies, volunteering, clubs etc?

  • What can I do at home to help support my child’s next steps?

  • What should I do if I think my child needs support?

  • How is the information about my child’s progress and learning being passed on at key transitions?

  • What opportunities are there for my child to contribute to the life of the school?