Inspection letter for parents

​New-look letter for parents as part of changes to school inspection models

Parents and carers will see a new, more concise letter published following school inspections as part of changes to the process. Similar changes will also see more concise letters published following inspections of early learning and childcare settings.

Education Scotland worked closely with parent representative bodies to understand how inspection findings can be communicated to parents and carers in the most effective and helpful way.

In response to feedback, a new, more concise letter to parents will be published following each school inspection.

The change to letters follows a two-year review of current inspection models, including engagement with parents and carers. A range of new inspection models was phased in from August 2016. The new models apply to school and early learning and childcare inspections.

Alastair Delaney, Director of Inspection at Education Scotland at the time, led the review and commented: 'An important part of the review was to listen to feedback from stakeholders. Their views were fully considered in the development of new approaches.

'From August 2016, the report for parents will take the form of a short letter using bullet points to highlight strengths and aspects for development. It was the approach that found much favour from parents and was agreed with both the National Parent Forum and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council.'

Eileen Prior, Executive Director of Connect, said: 'The new inspection models are certainly an improvement on the previous system. An open and transparent approach to parental communication is a significant step in the right direction and we hope that this involvement will create a model for continuous feedback and improvement in Scottish schools.'

Education Scotland has also made a commitment to replace the previous approach of implementing an inspection model for a number of years and will now continually review and adapt the inspection process.

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