Scottish Attainment Challenge

​​The Scottish Attainment Challenge focuses on improving literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing among primary and secondary school children. It also supports and complements the broader range of initiatives and programmes to ensure that all of Scotland’s children and young people reach their full potential.​

There are a range of approaches within the Scottish Attainment Challenge that can be used to suit the different needs of learners, schools and local areas. These include:

  • extra money for the schools and councils in deprived areas
  • an Attainment Advisor in every local authority to help schools and teachers
  • an online ‘hub’ to help teaching staff find examples of good practice
  • Pupil Equity Funding in around 95% of schools allocated for pupils in P1-S3 known to be eligible for free school meals
  • a Care Experienced Children and Young People Fund to support targeted initiatives, activities, and resources
  • existing schemes in local authorities will still continue at the same time.

Why are some schools involved and not others?

All schools can access help from their Attainment Advisor and advice from the online ‘hub’.

Extra money is available to council areas and schools in areas of greatest deprivation. These are called Challenge Authorities and Challenge Schools. ​Since 2017-18, 95% of schools in Scotland receive an allocation of Pupil Equity Funding.​

What difference will it make to my child?

Your child’s teacher will have additional resources that they can use to help your child achieve their potential at school.

What can I do as a parent?

You can help your child by encouraging them and talking to them about what they are learning. The Scottish Book Trust website has lots of good ideas to help you give your child a great start in life.


Information on the recent announcement of the refresh of the Scottish Attainment Challenge.