Careers information, advice and guidance

My World of Work - web-based resources

When it comes to making career decisions, you're one of the first people your child will turn to for help. That’s why it's important to be prepared.

My World of Work for Parents helps you do this, with a calendar of key dates covering everything from subject choices to UCAS applications. You can sign up for the newsletter highlighting upcoming key decision dates.

My World of Work is designed for your child, to help them identify and develop the career management skills they need for the career they want.

It offers information, tools and advice to help your child:

  • identify their strengths
  • choose courses
  • choose a career
  • build their CV
  • find job vacancies
  • prepare for interviews.

Face-to-face information, advice and guidance

Skills Development Scotland is supporting young people to develop career management skills while they are at school and beyond.
Young people receive a comprehensive service offer based on their individual needs:

  • Group work sessions
  • Career clinics
  • One-to-one career coaching.

The career management skills (CMS) approach is being developed in Scotland's schools to provide young people with the skills and information to make the best career choices. Schools and local authorities work in partnership with Skills Development Scotland to provide the service to young people and prepare them for their future choices.

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