Religious and moral education resources

​​What is religious and moral education?

The purpose of the religious and moral education curriculum area is to help every child and young person to learn about and from the world’s religions, belief systems and other belief groups. Learning in religious and moral education will help your child to reflect upon and develop their own beliefs and values through engaging with the beliefs, values, practices and traditions of others. This will help them make sense of the complexities of life and support their own contribution to society.

How can I help?

The beliefs, values, practices and traditions explored in religious and moral education are an important feature of the world in which we live, and have been throughout the past. They have shaped society to a large extent and continue to play a key role in today’s complex world. Children and young people may encounter a wide range of beliefs, values, practices and traditions in their lives, and religious and moral education is one way in which they can be assisted to make sense of these. Family, friends and communities have a powerful influence on children and young people, and help to shape their developing beliefs and values and their behaviours.

Useful links

For more information, search for ‘Religious’ and/or ‘Religious and Moral Education’ on the National Improvement Hub (Education Scotland’s website for practitioners) for resources. These resources explore a range of beliefs, values and practices and will support your child in their learning in religious and moral education.