Parents who do not live together

Many children have parents who live separately either through divorce or separation, or who never lived together. It is important – where possible – for parents to continue to share in supporting their child’s learning during COVID-19.

Early learning and childcare settings, schools and local authorities across Scotland are working on how they can best provide support for children’s learning at home. Settings and schools are likely to take different approaches to meet the individual needs of their pupils. Information for parents and families on this will be provided locally.

Ideas on how you can support your child

  • Find out what provisions your child’s school is making for learning at home in light of COVID-19 and how you can support these. This could be through an online or social media platform where you can access the learning at home activities together.
  • Spend some time reading together.
  • Record videos for your child.
  • Make up a learning jar which can be left in a safe place for your child.

Guidance and learning activity ideas are also available on the Shared Parenting Scotland website and Twitter feed (formerly Families Need Fathers Scotland).

The guides below provide information to support parents who don't live together and help them stay involved with their children’s learning.

  • Equal parents - a guide to clearing the obstacles to involvement of non-resident parents in their children's education.
  • Helping children learn - urges schools to be proactive in building positive and inclusive relationships in particular with non-resident parents. This publication may also be of interest to parents.
  • Fathers Network Scotland – find useful resources, stories, hints and tips from other parents and organisations.
  • One Parent Families Scotland – A resource for single parent families during COVID-19.

Further information

PDF file: CAFCASS - Co-parenting and child arrangements in a global pandemic - advice for families (250 KB)