Family learning - Science, Glasgow Clyde College

Family learning - science, took place in Glasgow during 2016-17 and was a creative approach used to engage parents who had little or no previous experience in science.  The focus of the approach was to help parents become more confident to support their children’s learning in areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), literacy and numeracy and wellbeing.

A family learning programme was developed by Glasgow Clyde College and supported by the Workers Educational Association.


The aim of the programme was to engage parents from a North West Glasgow primary School who had expressed an interest in learning something that would interest them as adults but wo​​​uld equally support them in helping their children’s learning.  Glasgow Clyde College provided a programme of learning that involved the parents attending tutor led visits to the Glasgow Science Centre, undertaking a college led bridging course targeting gaps in literacy and number and completing a certificated environmental study course entitled ‘Counting on a Greener Scotland’​.  This was followed by a health and wellbeing course.

​What changed as a result of the programme?

The programme has been very successful across a range of areas.  These include:

  • parents gaining a greater knowledge for themselves as adult returners
  • increased parental confidence to support their children’s learning
  • parents gained a qualification in a science based subject
  • increased parental confidence and knowledge to undertake joint areas of learning with their children on a STEM based topic
  • increased desire for learning at home.​