Identifying additional support needs

Assessment is an ongoing process of gathering and making sense of information about your child and their circumstances. The purpose of assessment is to help identify the actions required to support development and learning.

Assessment plays a key role in identifying children and young people who have additional support needs. Assessment identifies and builds on strengths, whilst taking account of needs and risks. It will usually include discussion with parents and should build on other assessment information already available. It may involve observation in one or more day-to-day situations and/or individual work with your child.

Involvement of specialists

A range of professionals may support the assessment of your child's additional support needs. These include educational psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists. The following links to leaflets on the Scottish Government website provide an overview of the services such professionals can provide to children and young people:

Will my child's views be considered?

The local authority should always endeavour to seek and take account of the views of your child unless there are particular circumstances to prevent this happening, or which make it inappropriate.