Last Updated: Friday, October 01, 2021

Peer Evaluation Toolkit for CLD

What is this?

​A​ resource for CLD practitioners to help improve self-evaluation​.​​

Who is this for?

For CLD staff at all levels.​

The Toolkit was produced after two successful peer evaluation pilots with CLD teams in 2018/19. The plan is for CLD practitioners across Scotland to use the materials to take an objective view of their work and to plan for improvement. This can either be done across teams within a local authority or service or with CLD practitioners from another authority or service. Participants will be able to test out their skills in terms of reviewing CLD practice, questioning, evaluative writing and reporting.

​Improvement questions

  • How have you used the Peer Evaluation Toolkit?
  • What were the learning points from it?
  • What actions have you agreed to help drive improvement?​​
  • What, if anything would you do differently in future?​


Word file: Peer Evaluation Toolkit (​182 KB)

PDF file: Peer evaluation home team training presentation (307 KB)

PDF file: Peer evaluation away team training presentation​ (315 KB)