Last Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2022

Food education - Better Eating, Better Learning - The school lunch experience

What is this?

Reflect on how things have changed with school lunches and the lunch experience.

Who is this for?

​This resource will be helpful for anyone working in schools or local authorities who wishes to review their school lunch experience, including teaching staff, supervisory and support staff, catering staff, and senior managers. It may also be used with children and young people.

​This is a short satirical video illustrating how much things have changed with school lunches and the lunch experience. It asks to you reflect on your own experience and what more still needs to improve. Originally entitled HMIE Dinner Ladies, it depicts a typical lunch experience in the 1980’s and stars some current and former members of Education Scotland staff.

How to use this resource

Let your audience watch the video, then ask them to reflect using the following questions:

  • What practice did you see that is no longer commonplace in schools?
  • How effective is communication between school and catering staff or services? How could it be improved?
  • How effective is our consultation with children and young people about the food we provide and experience we offer at lunchtime? How well do we communicate the impact of this to all?
  • How effective are our menu displays and pricing information in demonstrating the range of choices on offer and value for money? How well is this communicated to parents?
  • Do our food choices and their presentation promote the most nutritional choices as the best and easiest choices to make?
  • How well do we enable and encourage children to try new and unfamiliar food to enable them to expand the range of tastes and flavours they will choose and enjoy?