Last Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Creativity Toolbox – creative approaches to improvement

What is this?

​Thirteen three-minute films offering exercises and tools to help you break problems apart, take new perspectives and formulate new questions. Used collectively, they will help embed creative thinking and an openness to transformational change into planning and improvement.

Who is this for?

Aimed at school leaders and quality improvement staff this resource will be valuable to all educators interested in creative approaches to planning, improvement and change.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice?

Whether you are responding to the National Improvement Framework priorities or reacting to a recognised need for improvement within your own context, the Creativity Toolbox films will offer you new ways of looking at your priorities and challenges, and help you to generate original, innovative ideas.

They offer effective ways of brainstorming, asking good questions, and how to take staff, learners and communities beyond traditional responses, towards imaginative new possibilities.

The films can be used individually to support a single planning session, or collectively as part of a broader process.

They can also be used in conjunction with the Transforming Learning Approach which offers a structured process for planning for improvement.

Creativity Toolbox

The Films:
1. Better Brainstorming
2. Questorming
3. The Five Whys
4. Flip The Challenge
5. What If?
6. Polarisation
7. Let’s Do Both
8. What Would Scooby Do?
9. In Another World
10. Looking Inwards
11. Looking Outwards
12. Looking Forwards
13. Find Your Unique Problem Point

You can access the full playlist on YouTube.​

Download a printable version of the activities.

PDF file: At a Glance – Creativity Toolbox Activities​ (331 KB)