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LAST UPDATED: 11th December 2019 Physical Education – Home Learning Challenges

Physical Education Home Learning Challenges are an active way to bring families together.

LAST UPDATED: 8th January 2020 Family Learning Framework

This framework is a tool which outlines the purpose and principles of family learning to support a consistent and structured approach to family learning provision in Scotland.

LAST UPDATED: 11th November 2020 Engaging parents and families - A toolkit for practitioners

​This toolkit has been developed to provide practitioners with a practical resource to help support partnerships with parents and families in all aspects of their children’s learning.

LAST UPDATED: 27th February 2018 Building capacity in parents to become active learning partners

​Bankton Primary uses a wide range of creative approaches to encourage parents to become ‘Learning Partners’ and ensure active involvement in their children’s learning.

LAST UPDATED: 15th July 2020 Let’s Learn Together - Scotland

Let’s Learn Together Scotland is a resource that builds knowledge and resilience for practitioners supporting care experienced and attachment affected children in educational settings.

LAST UPDATED: 9th December 2019 How learners flourish through family engagement - Braes High School

Two projects that focus on family learning and engagement to encourage families to get involved and provide the skills, support, and confidence necessary for them to participate in the learning journey.

LAST UPDATED: 15th April 2020 Parental engagement in North Ayrshire - St Matthew's Academy and Pennyburn Primary School

This practice exemplar provides an overview of North Ayrshire Council’s approaches to Parental Engagement.

LAST UPDATED: 29th July 2020 Using a Family Learning approach to Safe Play in Royston, Glasgow

This partnership programme was developed to provide a safe, socially distant outdoor play sessions to support isolated families in Royston, Glasgow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LAST UPDATED: 18th November 2020 CLD response during Covid-19 Lockdown - South Lanarkshire Youth, Family and Communities - Family Activity Packs

An example of practice demonstrating how South Lanarkshire’s Youth, Families and Communities CLD Team responded during lockdown.