Last Updated: Wednesday, January 06, 2021

St Francis Xavier's, Falkirk

What is this?

During lockdown, St Francis Xavier's carried out an online talent show and the winners were selected and announced by Susan Boyle! 

Who is this for?

For all with an interest in Scottish education.

What we did:

Over lockdown our school carried out an online talent show to celebrate 60 years of our school. We held a talent show online with auditions and the finalists were shown. The whole school watched the YouTube premiere over three days from the comfort of their own homes. They then took to their class teams to vote for their favourite act. This was shared via Twitter and the winners were selected and announced by Susan Boyle.

Who we involved:

This involved all pupils. Parents joined to watch, vote and comment and the talent show was a huge hit online with the Falkirk Community. We even had some shares in the USA from Susan Boyle's fan site.

The difference it made:

This was an exciting time for all of our families as the talent show, St Francis Goes to Hollywood, is something that the children look forward to every year. The children were all welcome to participate and all entries were viewed by our judges and sent straight to the finals. This is something which we can never do in the live shows at school as there are always too many acts to fit into an afternoon. This gave so many more children an opportunity to participate. We had entries that would never have entered if they had to dance on a huge stage in school in front of 500 people. Parents commented on this too and mentioned they couldn't believe how happy getting to be part of the show has for their pupils.

We had 400 live views on the day we released the first show and hundreds more who have watched YouTube on catch up. The children all left positive feedback via Teams and Twitter and shared their votes online. We feel this had a huge impact on our community’s health and wellbeing as children were able to connect with the acts in their class. The sense of togetherness in the final week of term was incredible and spirits were most definitely lifted.

What we will do differently in the future:

We will continue to use Teams as a springboard for sharing our learning and homework tasks. We created our own school YouTube channel which we will continue to use. We shared talents of individual children who may never have had the confidence to perform in front of a live audience. We will now for the first time ever look at video entries for our talent show as an option to give more opportunities for those who find the process overwhelming. We will share our next talent show again online, even when we are allowed back on stage as this will be a great way to share without wider community.