Last Updated: Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Sgoil Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu/Glasgow Gaelic School - Home Economics

What is this?

An S4 pupil from Sgoil Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu/Glasgow Gaelic School learned to cook from a variety of recipes to enjoy with family during lockdown.

Who is this for?

For all with an interest in Scottish education. 

Home Economics - learning to cook at home

Over the lockdown, my family and I started cooking for each other every week. My mum had this thought when we were having dinner. We all thought it was a good idea and we tried it. It was a lot of fun making the dinners because we did not do anything like this before lockdown. We chose a day to cook and went to the shops instead of my parents doing everything.

I did this with my big brother. We worked in pairs and when we went shopping we were in pairs too. It was a great idea to work in pairs as you can help each other and we were just together.

This is my big brother and my usual cooking day. I think a lot more about "What time is it?", "How long is this going to take?" and “Do I have time to do this?” I’m more responsible with what I do and I’ve learned a lot of things like how to use the cooking utensils and it has helped me work in a team too. In addition, Sausage Ragu is now on the menu at our home along with a few more new recipes.

Anndra Monk, S4 Pupil