Last Updated: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Newton Primary, Stirling

What is this?

Over lockdown, a pupil from Newton Primary in Stirling got involved with the Boys Brigade and participated in home activities. 

Who is this for?

For all with an interest in Scottish education. 

What we did: 

I got involved with the Boys Brigade over lockdown and participated in home activities, which consisted of making things, playing games and coming together on zoom meetings with my fellow Anchor boys.

Who we involved:

My leaders and fellow Boys Brigade friends.

The difference it made:

It was the feeling of being part of something, of sharing my fun home activities with everyone and having fun at the same time. I really enjoyed being involved and felt I wasn't alone. We were coming together each week on zoom meetings and I looked forward to this.

What we will do differently in the future:

I realise how important having people around you are and coming together and sharing experiences with others is extremely important.

Pupil, Newton Primary.