Last Updated: Friday, December 30, 2022

Responsibility of All applied across the school at Ayr Grammar

What is this?

​The headteacher at Ayr Grammar describes practical examples of how the wellbeing indicators are used in her school to complement learning in mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

Who is this for?

​This video is for staff in primary schools as they develop learning in mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing as part of  Health and Wellbeing (HWB).

This video along with reflective questions invites you to consider the impact of your own approach to engaging  learners in health and wellbeing development. Young people discuss how they apply their understanding of the wellbeing indicators in their day to day learning and relationships.

How to use this exemplar

You are invited to watch the video and consider, individually or as a team, the following improvement questions:

  • How are you developing the GIRFEC agenda across your school?
  • How do plan interdisciplinary work to enhance HWB skills?
  • How do you use the wellbeing indicator wheel to support learning in HWB?
  • What are the advantages of a healthy eating club at lunchtime?​

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What was done?

This video shows children learning about what health and wellbeing means for them and what “getting it right for them” means in practice in their school. In planning for health and wellbeing, the staff consider the health and wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes and also consider the wellbeing indicators within that, so when they’re taking forward, for example, interdisciplinary work they take both of those things into account. The wellbeing indicators are used in a very practical way in the classroom. The children can use them for a focus of their health lesson, but also use them during their work in the classroom. Every classroom has a wellbeing indicator wheel on the wall. This is used to engage in dialogue, in debate and discussion with the children so it is part of their everyday lives and means something to them.

Why it was done?

Staff wanted all children to have a very strong understanding of the value of GIRFEC and the wellbeing indicators. They wanted children to know how to use them in their daily lives and to be able to express when they felt safe and cared for .

What was the impact?

Staff feel there has been positive impact through this work. Children are better able to express their feelings and share that when they feel safe and cared for? They understand they have a voice and should use this if they ever don’t feel safe or cared for in any situation.

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