Last Updated: Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Food education - Food science videos

What is this?

Browse six food science videos available on topics including emulsions, enzymic browning and the Maillard reaction.

Who is this for?

​Senior Phase chemistry and science teachers.

There are six food science videos available: Emulsions, Enzymic Browning, Maillard Reaction, Oxidative Rancidity and Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). They demonstrate the real life application of food science to industry with people discussing how food science is used every day in their job.

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What was done?

The Food and Drink Federation Scotland, Abertay University, Education Scotland, and the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) have worked in partnership to produce a set of innovative classroom resources that directly support the chemistry curriculum and help learners and teachers to understand the application of chemistry in the food and drink industry.

There are six food science videos available for use in learning and teaching environments across Scotland that will help to bring lessons to life. The films also include interviews with people discussing their job roles and how the application of food science is used by them every day.


The food and drink industry is suffering from a skills shortage, in particular food scientists and technologists. Many pupils, parents and teachers are unaware of the need for scientists to work in the industry and that these careers are very rewarding. The films were developed to highlight the application of science to the industry and inspire a new generation.

Improvement questions

  • In what ways are food science skills vital to the success of the food and drink industry?
  • In what ways do chemists and biologists ensure food products are safe to eat?
  • In what ways do they develop new products, and make changes to existing products to make them healthier, tastier and more exciting?
  • In what ways did you learn something new about the application of science in the world of work?
  • Could you describe some of the opportunities available for learning, life and work in the food and drink industry?

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Food and Drink Federation Scotland - Food Chemistry National Qualifications Support Resources