Last Updated: Friday, January 06, 2023

Rural skills - Careers in the rural industry in Scotland

What is this?

Discover how learning about agriculture and food in Scotland can cover a range of subject areas within Curriculum for Excellence.

Who is this for?

This resource is suitable for those staff delivering at second, third and fourth level courses or course components looking at the diversification of careers in the food, drink and agriculture sector in Scotland.

Learning about agriculture and food in Scotland covers a range of subject areas within Curriculum for Excellence, including health and wellbeing, social subjects and science. This resource provides video exemplification of the range of careers available linked to agriculture and rural career pathways.

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The agriculture industry forms part of Scotland's food and drink sector, defined by the Scottish Government as one of six key growth sectors. Within this larger grouping, agriculture has some specific skills challenges. Employers in industry often face challenges around labour supply and access to training as a result of being located in rural locations. In addition, there are wide-spread misconceptions that the agriculture sector offers only manual and low skilled roles or and there is a lack of understanding among the population of the highly technical and specialist careers available.

How to use this resource

This resource supports teachers and practitioners to consider how to incorporate employment opportunities in the agricultural industry and food and drink manufacturing within their learning and teaching. You are invited to use this exemplar to reflect on the following questions:

  • Consider your existing learning activities, how might you include discussion around the range of careers available in agriculture and food in Scotland?
  • Do you currently have a range of partnerships which include expertise in this sector, how could you expand networks into this vital subject area?
  • In what ways do you link with other subject areas to promote the diversification of careers in the agriculture and food sector in Scotland?

What was done?

There are lots of routes into careers in rural industries in Scotland. This interactive visual from LANTRA demonstrates the wide range of opportunities and the progression of qualifications in each sector. In addition, this publication exemplifies varies entry routes to rural industries.


The above resources aim to dispel the myths and raise awareness of the workforce opportunities in the agriculture and food industries in Scotland.

What was the impact?

Awareness has been raised of employment opportunities in agricultural and food industries.


These short videos have been developed to demonstrate the diversification of careers in agriculture in Scotland.

Careers in Animal Care

Livestock Husbandry

Dairy Farming 2

Sheep Farmer


Estate Management and Gamekeeping

Land Agent


Game and Wildlife

Careers in Agriculture and Crofting


Careers in Aquaculture


Careers in Trees, Timber & Forestry


How were these examples identified?

This resource was collated through attendance at National Group looking at the critical state of pathways into careers in agriculture in Scotland.