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Food Education: Food for Thought interesting practice exemplar - John Ogilvie High School

What is this?

Young people in John Ogilvie High School are developing their school grounds by planting an orchard and builtding raised bed growing areas. They plan to use their produce in Home Economics lessons.

Who is this for?

​Establishments that would like to develop their school grounds to create edible gardens, orchards or similar in order to sow, grow and harvest their own foods​.

​​​​​​​This exemplar demonstrates how young people in John Ogilvie High School in South Lanarkshire have led positive changes to their school grounds by developing an orchard and raised bed growing areas. They plan to use their produce in Home Economics lessons.

​How to use this exemplar

You are invited to use the following resources to open up discussion about developing school grounds and creating edible garden areas / orchards.

  • ​a film giving an overview of the school’s use of the Food for Thought funding
  • some insights from the learners who show how they are using the resources to develop their grounds
  • the original Food for Thought application and the school’s evaluation which demonstrates initial impact

​Reflective questions

  • Do you have an underused area of ground that could be adapted to grow your own food?
  • How would you use your harvest to develop food and health education in the school?
  • Could you link with local businesses e.g. garden centre/local college/hotel to help you develop the grounds?​​​​​

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What was done?​

The school used the funding to purchase fruit trees and create an orchard in a large underused part of the school grounds. ​They also purchased some raised beds, tools and a storage area. The school is particularly keen to involve all pupils in the project and to create a lasting legacy for their establishment.

The Home Economics department has taken the lead in the project and have been well supported by colleagues throughout the school.​


​This piece of work is a long term project linking to pupil voice / pupil participation in and around improving the food and health experience at the school​.

What was the impact?​​

Learners have been given the opportunity to make a considerable difference to their school grounds and to create something which will provide a harvest for the immediate future but, more importantly, a lasting legacy for years to come. The school intends to use the food grown in the home economics department which will help to drive home the message that fresh food is best.​


Food for thought interesting practice exemplar

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PDF file: Food for Thought - John Ogilvie High - Evaluation (1 MB)

PDF file: Food for Thought - John Ogilvie High - Application Form​ (345 KB)​