Last Updated: Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Food Education: Food for Thought interesting practice exemplar - Anderston Primary School

What is this?

​​​​This exemplar demonstrates the work undertaken by Anderston Primary School in Glasgow, using Food for Thought Funding. They have used the funding to develop practical food education in the school.

Who is this for?

​Establishments that would be keen to develop practical cookery across the school. Many schools use one or more smaller cookers and trolleys which can work very well however this example shows an alternative approach in buying one much larger and more substantial model.

​How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

​The school purchased one large cooker and trolley which can be moved around easily and is big enough for all their cooking needs. The unit also has induction hobs and pots. With this purchase they were able to expand the existing programme of food education and practical cookery to all learners. In addition, the school has started to grow their own food and plan to use this to cook with in future. (see application form for details).

In addition, a pop-up restaurant was created in a classroom which provided a showcase for Primary 7’s new found food knowledge. Learners were responsible for the preparation, planning and running of the restaurant.


PDF file: Food for Thought - Evaluation (283 KB)

PDF file: Food for Thought - Application Form (332 KB)

PDF file: Food for Thought - Review and next steps (225 KB)

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​What was done?

You are invited to use the following resources to open up discussion about food and health education in your own establishment.

  • ​​A short film providing the overview of the school’s use of the Food for Thought Funding and featuring the learners who are explaining the pop up café.
  • The original Food for Thought application and the evaluation which was completed after six months.
  • ​A document from the ​headteacher which provides some further information about the project along with their plans for the future​​​​


This is a long term project linking to the Food for Thought Fund, which provided the opportunity to develop practical cookery throughout the school with one considered purchase.​​​

What was the impact?​

Learners in all classes have been given the opportunity to cook. Staff and parents will further develop the programme of food learning using a progressive food curriculum running from P1-7. The school will continue to work within different curricular areas to embed the learning in relatable ways​.