Last Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Supporting LGBT young people and those who are part of LGBT families

What is this?

This overview provides a summary of key information, resources, exemplification and links to organisations related to LGBT issues.

Who is this for?

The following materials and links aim to support professional learning and development work. It is relevant to Early years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education practitioners.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

The aim of this overview is to support professionals to develop approaches to support LGBT pupils, and those from LGBT families.

It should be used in the context of a broader health and wellbeing programme and may assist establishments to meet their legal obligations to promote equality and tackle prejudiced-based discrimination.

Improvement questions

  • To what extent do practitioners and pupils understand what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?
  • How well does our school community help young people of all genders feel valued, accepted and included?
  • How can our school community promote equality and wellbeing of LGBT pupils and those who live within LGBT families?
  • As practitioners do we tackle prejudiced based bullying effectively?

Explore this learning and assessment resource

This overview provides links to some of the policies, guidance and resources to support establishments to develop their own policies and practice to provide a safe, inclusive environment for all learners and to meet their legislative responsibilities. It can be used to support PSE (Personal and Social Education) programmes and in developing approaches to prevent prejudiced-based bullying. Respect for All materials can also support establishments to ensure all types of families feel welcome and accepted.

Training is offered by LGBT Youth Scotland, Stonewall and Respectme

Downloads and links (some of these are on external websites)

Key Documents:

PDF file: Supporting Transgender Young People - on LGBT Youth website

Addressing Inclusion effectively: Challenging Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

PDF file: Curriculum Inclusion LGBT Mapping Across Curriculum for Excellence - on LGBT Youth website


Embedding equality learning journey: LGBT positive relationships

The experience of a young transgender person

Other related materials:

Clyde Pride LGBT Youth Group, Inverclyde

Youth Beatz events and educational programmes at the Oasis Youth Centre in Dumfries


Equality Act 2010: Chapter 1 - Protected characteristics - on website

Review and Reports:

LGBT Youth Scotland - Resources

School Report Scotland: The experiences of lesbian, gay, bi and trans young people in Scotland's schools in 2017 - on Stonewall website

Other Relevant Documents:

Stonewall has published a number of documents including:

PDF file: Tackling homophobic language

PDF file: So you think your child is gay?

Stonewall education resources