Last Updated: Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Food education – Career pathways in food and drink in Scotland

What is this?

​These posters for use in the classroom illustrate the journey food makes as it is processed. They also highlight the types of jobs that are needed in the food and drink industry.

Who is this for?

​This is a useful resource for learners/practitioners at second to fourth level interested in careers as well as the journey food makes from farm to fork.

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How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

These posters can be used to develop learners' understanding of the sequence of events that are involved in bringing food from the farm to their plate. They can also help learners to understand the variety of jobs that are available in the industry and how the subjects they study in school relate to these careers.

In addition, the posters can be used to form the basis of investigations to find out more about the food and drink industry and the job specifications. For example, learners could:

  • describe the many different roles in the food and drink industry;
  • investigate who is responsible for making food and getting it to plate safely and looking and tasting great;
  • research how many people work in the food and drink industry in Scotland;
  • investigate the food and drink industry as part of the manufacturing sector in Scotland;
  • explore ways in which the food and drink industry needs scientists and engineers to help it innovate.​


The food and drink industry is often overlooked as a career destination of choice. Many young people, teachers and parents are unaware that the industry offers high quality careers and that there is a shortage of scientists and engineers. 

These resources have been designed to highlight some of the career opportunities available in the industry and link these to the product development process foods undertake in their journey from farm to fork. The aim is to use these resources to start a discussion and prompt further investigation into the people and processes involved in the food and drink industry.


PDF file: From oats to oatcakes (1.6 MB)

PDF file: The smoothie journey (1.8 MB)

PDF file: The red meat journey (1 MB)

PDF file: From berry to table (2.4 MB)