Last Updated: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Food and health skills support resource

What is this?

This resource provides support materials that can be used to plan learning and teaching approaches in Food and Health and Technologies experiences and outcomes.​

Who is this for?

​This resource supports delivery of the broad general education of Curriculum for Excellence.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

One of the benefits of developing thinking skills with learners is that they are transferable in nature. How have you used Boom’s taxonomy to evaluate the level of challenge in planned learning experiences?

How can you evaluate your own tasks and questioning to increase challenge or design different learning experiences that require learners to apply their knowledge and skills?

Exploring the language of thinking and employability skills will help learners to develop their understanding of skills making career pathway connections. How can you capture and evidence this rich learning?


PDF file: Food and Health Skills Support booklet (1.2 MB)

PDF file: Food and Health Skills Support resource (2.5 MB)

Word file: Food and Health Skills Planning Template (106 KB)

​Skill tables ordered by Experiences and Outcomes


HWB 0-29a | HWB 1-29a | HWB 2-29a | HWB 3-29a | HWB 4-29a | HWB 0-30a | HWB 1-30a / HWB 1-30b | HWB 2-30a | HWB 3-30a | HWB 4-30a | HWB 3-31a | HWB 4-31a | HWB 0-32a | HWB 1-32a | HWB 2-32a | HWB 3-32a | HWB 4-32a | HWB 4-32b

Food and textiles contexts for developing technological skills and knowledge

TCH 4-04b | TCH 3-04a | TCH 4-04a | TCH 3-04b | TCH 0-04c | TCH 1-04c | TCH 3-04c | TCH 4-04c | TCH 2-04d | TCH 4-04d

Safe and hygienic practices

HWB 0-33a / HWB 1-33a | HWB 2-33a | HWB 3-33a | HWB 4-33a

Food and the consumer

HWB 2-34a | HWB 3-34a / HWB 4-34a | HWB 0-35a | HWB 1-35a / HWB 2-35a | HWB 4-35a | HWB 2-36a | HWB 3-36a | HWB 4-36a | HWB 1-37a | HWB 2-37a | HWB 4-37a | HWB 4-37b