Last Updated: Thursday, December 08, 2022

Ag ionnsachadh mu Alba Cùis Smaoineachaidh / Learning about Scotland Food for Thought

What is this?

​This resource, through the medium of Gaelic, looks at how Curriculum for Excellence supports learning about food and health.

Who is this for?

​This resource will be of particular interest to practitioners in Gaelic Medium Education and also, Gaelic Learner Education.

Food is something we can all relate to. It is a powerful vehicle to help young people investigate a wide range of issues and can be taught meaningfully across curricular areas. The increased focus on food and health within the curriculum is especially important at a time when it is essential to raise levels of physical activity, address mental and emotional health concerns and tackle the rise in levels of obesity.

Learners can develop knowledge and understanding of safe and hygienic practices and their importance to health and wellbeing and apply these in practical activities and everyday routines including good oral health. They can develop awareness that food practices and choices depend on many factors including availability, sustainability, season, cost, religious beliefs, culture, peer pressure, advertising and the media.

These materials aim to stimulate practitioners and learners to think about food across the curriculum and beyond. They are designed to allow practitioners to plan for progression through Curriculum for Excellence levels to inform next steps, challenge, breadth and application in a Scottish food context.

Explore this resource

Food for Thought

This resource will support learning about food and drink through well planned interdisciplinary learning, IDL. The important aspect of IDL is to provide opportunities for progression in skills and understanding in a range of contexts and make connections between different areas of learning. This resource highlights links with Mathematics, Social subjects, Sciences, Languages, Religious and Moral Education, Expressive Arts and Technologies. The presence of food and health within the wider curriculum provides children and young people with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and help establish lifelong healthy eating habits.

The Way We Grow and Catch Food

This calendar and resource matches to the Scottish climate for sowing and growing. It also supports practitioners with planning for progression across all levels. The learning experiences aim to encourage learners.

At Early Level

  • Grow their own food and engage with the way we grow and catch food in Scotland.
  • Develop an understanding of seasonality and Scotland’s farming throughout the seasons.

At First/Second Level

  • Grow and prepare and cook Scottish ingredients and engage with the way we grow and catch food in Scotland.
  • Develop an understanding of seasonality and Scotland’s food sustainability.

At Third/Fourth Level

  • Think critically and creatively and to examine the types of food that can be grown, prepared and made with Scottish ingredients.
  • Develop an understanding of seasonality and Scotland’s food security.

Exploring Food and Drink through Curriculum for Excellence

The focus of these materials is the Food and Health and Technologies experiences and outcomes. They provide suggestions on how the development of thinking skills could help with the planning of learning and teaching.

Practitioners can use Bloom’s taxonomy to evaluate the extent to which challenge is being built into planned learners’ experiences. This allows practitioners to evaluate their questioning and tasks, and identify how to increase challenge, or design learning experiences, that require learners to apply their knowledge and skills.

These materials further exemplify how this taxonomy can support planning for progression and next steps, while also considering breadth, challenge and application. Learners should also be encouraged to capture their rich learning and record this in a variety of ways providing the opportunity to reflect on the skills developed and plan for next steps in their learning.


PDF file: Slàinte agus Sunnd - Food for Thought - for print (Gaelic) (large file 19.5 MB)

PDF file: Slàinte agus Sunnd - Food for Thought - for web (Gaelic) (7.2MB)

PDF file: Slàinte agus Sunnd - The Way We Grow and Catch Food - for print (Gaelic) (8 MB)

PDF file: Slàinte agus Sunnd - The Way We Grow and Catch Food - for web (Gaelic) (3.6 MB)