Last Updated: Thursday, September 29, 2022

A summary of Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) resources

What is this?

​​​​​​​​​This section provides a summary of key information, resources, exemplification and links shared via Education Scotland’s website so far.

Future Policy Silver Award: Decent and Sustainable Jobs for Youth Economic Empowerment

Who is this for?

​The following DYW materials aim to support professional learning and development work.

How to use these resources to improve practice

The content of this section will allow teachers and practitioners to access key information, resources and policies in order to support professional development and the implementation of DYW objectives. It also provides inspiration and connections around interesting practice currently emerging across Scotland in this area.

This section aims to generate discussion around a number of reflective questions including:

  • Through the learning experiences and opportunities I create, how am I helping young people develop skills which prepare them for their future career pathways and the world of work?
  • What could I do more of, less of, or differently?
  • How can partnership working with other practitioners, parents, employers and the wider community be developed further to better prepare young people for the world of work?
  • What opportunities are there for co-designing and implementing learning experiences about the world of work?

Since the implementation of Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy Education Scotland has developed a number of key documents and related resources to support practitioners in realising the ambitions around DYW. The below provides a summary of these under nine key sections:

1. Key documents

Standards and guidance:

Review and reports:

Workshops and learning resources:

Communications and networks

2. Career education and guidance 3-18


Practice exemplars

Primary/Early Years


3. Skills and Profiling


Practice exemplars:

Primary/Early Years:


4. Work placement and work-related learning

5. Partnership working


Practice exemplars


6. Curriculum design


Practice exemplars


7. Foundation Apprenticeships

8. Equalities


Practice exemplars

Primary/Early Year


9. Parents

10. DYW Online Support

Developing the Young Workforce - online support