Education Scotland's role in the Scottish Attainment Challenge

Education Scotland is working in partnership with Scottish Government, local authorities and other organisations to deliver the aims of the Scottish Attainment Challenge. The Scottish Attainment Challenge is backed by the Attainment Scotland Fund which provides additional targeted funding for local authorities and schools. Attainment Advisors work closely with schools and local authorities to ensure effective use of the various strands of this funding i.e. Strategic Equity Funding, Pupil Equity Fund and the Care Experienced Children and Young People’s Fund. Every local authority in Scotland is supported by a link Attainment Advisor.

All schools and local authorities across Scotland benefit from a range of support offered through the Scottish Attainment Challenge. The offer includes:

  • Attainment Advisors – all local Authorities have direct access to a named Attainment Advisor who works collaboratively alongside local authority staff on agreed priorities which support the Scottish Attainment Challenge.
  • National Improvement Hub - a virtual centre of educational expertise that supports the Scottish Attainment Challenge. Through the hub we move knowledge to action around the education system. It incorporates a range of features to build collaborative learning and engage leaders and practitioners to support a self-improving education system.
  • Support for regional improvement collaboratives - Attainment Advisors working as part of Education Scotland’s regional improvement teams support the development and delivery of regional improvement collaborative plans to ensure a strong focus on equity and closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

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