Education Scotland extends 1:1 online coaching offer to CLD Leaders

Funding for the 1:1 online coaching programme has been extended to include CLD Leaders with responsibility for any area of CLD provision and are members of the CLD Standards Council.

The 1:1 online coaching programme, which was launched in 2020, is part of the workforce support package funded by the Scottish Government to support the health and wellbeing of practitioners and help navigate the challenges caused by Covid 19.

Each coaching programme, delivered by practitioners, all of whom have experience of working and coaching within education, lasts up to 3 hours and can be split into several sessions. At the end of the programme, participants will have new ways of understanding themselves and their situation, clarity of their strengths and further strategies available for staying on track.

Stephen Jack , a Life Long Learning Manager with Dumfries and Galloway Council said: "I was made aware of this exciting coaching opportunity through my membership to the CLD Standards Council and it sounded too good an opportunity to miss out on. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but [my coach] helped me hone in on what the key priority areas should be in terms of the next steps of my leadership journey."

Gayle Gorman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Chief Executive of Education Scotland, said: "Supporting the health and wellbeing of the education workforce is a priority for Education Scotland and I’m delighted the coaching and mentoring offer has been extended to include CLD Leaders. It’s fantastic to see so many practitioners take up the offer of support since we launched the programme over a year ago. The 1:1 online coaching programme is part of a wider package of health and wellbeing support and you can find out more about the full offer on the Education Scotland website."

Dr Marion Allison, Director of the CLD Standards Council said: "I am delighted to see this offer being continued for CLD Leaders. Having the headspace and the time to examine and reflect on issues, especially now, is invaluable. I would encourage all CLD leaders to take up the offer of support and I look forward to seeing the positive impact it will make."

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Watch Stephen Jack’s one minute testimonial video on YouTube.