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May 24 2022
Keeping Trauma in Mind Onine The ‘Keeping Trauma in Mind’ programme is a series of 4 twilight sessions.
May 25 2022
Introduction to Improving Gender Balance and Equalities and STEM Online This introductory session will explore gender stereotypes and unconscious bias and what impact do these have on attainment, participation and wellbeing.
May 25 2022
SAC Sharing Practice – Pedagogy for Equity: approaches in numeracy Online In this session you will have a chance to hear from Education Scotland and a practitioner about approaches being used to support improved outcomes in numeracy. There will then be an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss approaches that you are using in your own establishments.
May 25 2022
Diversity in STEM Online How does your current options choice enable sustained positive destinations in STEM?
May 25 2022
STEM Industry in the North: Technologies Online In the STEM Industry in the North programme we will hear from regional employers in key STEM sectors.
May 26 2022
How does gender inequality affect attainment, wellbeing and participation? (May 2022) Online This introductory session, delivered by the IGBE team, is relevant to all settings and will explore the impact of gender inequality, gender stereotypes and unconscious bias on children and young people, with particular focus on attainment, participation and wellbeing.